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Picture, picture! Pinoy Photo Booth Souvenirs

Filipinos are known the world over as a bunch of happy people who can find something to smile about even amidst problems, who are sentimental in a way they value close family ties and friendships, and with a special fondness for taking and having their pictures taken to document memorable moments in their lives. All these combine to explain why photo booths are the most popular and practical souvenir solution today.

Birthdays. Weddings. Anniversaries. Baptisms. In a country known as the Land of Fiestas, Filipinos love to celebrate life’s moments and capture the memories in photos.

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February 27, 2012

Filipino New Year traditions

In spite of problems, calamities, controversies and everyday struggles all year-round, no one celebrates the New Year more enthusiastically than Filipinos. As one of the happiest people in the world, we are ready to forget our troubles for a while and meet the coming year with hope, optimism and merry making born out of the unique traditions that had endured even in these modern times.

Continue December 22, 2010

The Sound of Pinoy Christmas

In a music-loving country tagged as the “Land of Fiestas”, Filipinos celebrate almost every event with singing or dancing. Birthdays, weddings, town fiestas, and even graduation celebrations are not complete without karaoke, song numbers, dance contests, and the like.

Christmas, as the biggest, longest and most-awaited celebration of the year, is naturally celebrated with music.

Continue December 17, 2010

Pinoy Christmas food

Filipinos love Christmas as much as they love food, and to have both in one occasion makes up for one big, happy celebration all over the country.

Continue December 3, 2010

Christmas in the Philippines

If you haven’t experienced Christmas in the Philippines, you haven’t experienced the longest and merriest Christmas in the world.

Continue November 26, 2010

Filipino Names and Nicknames

One way to introduce a foreign visitor to the Filipino culture is to introduce him or her to as many people as you can: hearing the names of your Uncle Boy, your Aunt Baby, your cousin Ding-Dong, your sister Len-Len and your friend Cherry Pie would be a novel experience all on its own—confusing, fascinating and eye-opening (and not necessarily in that order).

Continue Leave a Comment November 19, 2010

Filipino Street Food

If you’re travelling to the Philippines, make sure to hit the dusty, sweltering hot and lively streets of Manila for a taste of a quirky and unique culture that is Filipino street food!

Continue November 5, 2010

Filipino Idiomatic Expressions (Mga Sawikain sa Filipino)

agaw-buhay — naghihingalo; between life and death

anak-pawis – magsasaka; manggagawa; farmer; laborer; blue-collar worker

balat-kalabaw — makapal, di agad tinatablan ng hiya; one who is insensitive; with dense-face (literal=buffalo-skinned)

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Unique Filipino English words

Accomplish — “to complete a form”; All government forms specify they are to be “accomplished”.

Ala — Filipinos prefer to spell “a la,” or more correctly “à la,” as one word.

Already — Filipinos use this word to state that they have finished doing something, even though it was completed past the original deadline. In standard English, by contrast, “already” is used only when something was completed ahead of schedule.

Apartelle — A budget hotel. From apartment + hotel + le. Other terms used are “apartel,” “apartment hotel,” and “condotel.”

Continue September 24, 2010

Gayspeak made in the Philippines

In a country that is both conservative and free-thinking, the issue of sexual orientation still remains within certain boundaries of social, moral and political correctness. To this day, few can deny the lingering negative connotations on homosexuality and the propensity of some towards condemnation of the members of the third sex. These, ironically, are said to have spawned what is now considered a mainstream subculture that not only accepts the gay community, but one that is originally exclusively theirs.

Continue September 17, 2010

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